Object in different positions in the frame

Object in different positions in the frame

I began this exercise by searching for something very specific. I was hoping to find something in a bright field of rape or poppies. I left the house with an image in my head and set out to achieve it. After hours of walking around six miles in the rain, I found a child’s playground with this springer. It just goes to show – don’t expect something or try to make something happen, I think often the best results can be achieved when you leave yourself open to anything.

Image 1


This first image was shot naturally and quickly with minimal thought. The subject is positioned in the centre of the frame and creates a good comparison for the rest of the images. The composition is very uninteresting, symmetrical and lacking impact.



Image 2


The composition in the second image has the least pleasing aesthetic qualities as the subject is positioned in the very corner. Most of the image is filled with empty space and has created a very unbalanced picture.




Image 3


Image number three is better as it adheres to the common ‘rule-of-thirds’ but only matches the vertical lines and not the horizontal ones. The springer is facing away from the centre of the image leading the eyes out of the picture.




Image 4


The fourth image is much better than the first three but still lacks something. Much like image number three, this follows the ‘rule-of-thirds’ vertically but not horizontally. The only thing that makes this image better than number three is the subject leads the eyes into the centre of the image because it faces the centre of the frame.


Image 5


The final image has the best composition as it follows the ‘rule-of-thirds’ both vertically and horizontally and the subject faces the centre. There is a line in the grass that divides the top left corner with the rest of the image, this really helps to create a really balanced composition.




I am fully aware that rules are there to be broken in some situations and that some subjects or scenes require a little more thought than just sticking to this guideline. I do feel, however, that this particular subject or scene needs to be composed with the ‘rule-of-thirds’ in mind to provide it with energy and interest.


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