Photography has been a developing hobby of mine for many years, owning my first camera at the age of eight. My photographic journey began with my father when I was about six who, at the time, was a photographer himself; spending hours in his dark room developing prints with him was probably where the romance was first produced. Eager to cultivate this passion, I learned as much as possible without further assistance.
About three and a half years ago, I set up a small business shooting assignments such as weddings, portraits and some commercial work. I was assigned staff photographer in my two latest full-time positions, completing a large number of commercial assignments for menus, websites and marketing. I have shot a lot of landscape and wildlife work in my spare time and have a keen interest in nature and wildlife. When I left school I began to study a National BTEC Diploma in Graphic Design, Art and Photography at Newark and Sherwood College and went on to study a Higher National Diploma in Freelance and Commercial Photography five years later whilst working as a full-time Chef. I have been a Chef since I was sixteen and have just left my previous role as Head Chef of a busy contemporary restaurant to create an opportunity to become more involved in photographic practice.


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