This is the final exercise in the ‘Lines’ project. The objective of this exercise is to capture four images employing strong examples of curved lines. Curved lines have a totally different value than straight lines as they convey more motion and direction and do this in a very elegant way; they almost give a sense of destiny.

With each of the following images, I have tried to use a very different form and style of curve to present a diverse collection of photographs; I feel I can study the nature of the curve more accurately and effectively this way.

Maggie’s Cancer Centre, Nottingham City Hospital

Maggie's Cancer Centre, Nottingham City Hospital

The curved lines in this image lead the viewer from the bottom of the image to the top, each line in the image leads to the same place; this is aided by a shadow/reflection that forms an apex with a summit that indicates the exact focal point of the photograph. The curves give this image a very calming, inviting and encouraging feel and add a sense of comfort and hope.

Spiral Staircase, Bromley House Library, Nottingham

Spiral Staircase, Bromley House Library, Nottingham

The curved lines in this image are much tighter and give the image a sense of melancholy with its downward cascade; quite the antithesis of the previous image. There is an element of elegance and grace captured in this image, its curves are smooth and gentle and in some respects calming; it almost makes you want to accept.

Both banisters of the staircase lead the viewer into the centre of the image, each of the lines created by the edge of each step also helps the eye meet the image’s focal point.

Meandering Brick Line 

Meandering Brick Line

This is a very simple image of a gentle and smooth line of bricks set into the ground of a children’s play park. The smoothness and grace of the line convey distance, direction and the suggestion of a destination, all of which are optimistic. There is no focal point as such, that is to say there is no object that the viewer’s eye is led to, the eye is just led straight through; this adds mystery to the image. The viewpoint of the camera has given the image distance, the nature of the line itself has given direction and the sense of a destination comes from the fact that the line is reminiscent of a road or river.

Corrugated Roof 

Corrugated Roof

One continuous, undulating curve has been captured in this image passing through from side to side. The curve almost reminds me of the sea as it consistently ebbs and flows through the image almost creating a horizon. Like the sea, this wavy line is soothing and relaxing in its bobbing motion. The definition of the curve is greatly improved by the strong contrast and is the first thing the viewer notices.


I found this exercise the most difficult of all the ‘lines’ project, I think it is because there is so much more to explore and the nature of a curved line is much more complex than that of straight lines. Now I understand the complexity of the curved line, I feel that I can express so much more in my imagery and I am more inclined to think about my composition.


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