Focus with a set aperture

Focus with a set aperture

For this exercise I used an 85mm achromatic lens to achieve the shallowest depth-of-field possible. The subject was a brick wall and needed to be shot at an acute angle to accomplish the necessary result. Three images were captured (A, B and C), each focused at a different distance on the subject.




 The settings for images A, B and C are as follows:

Focal length – 85mm

Shutter speed – 1/2000s

Aperture – f/1.8

Image A is the best of the three images, in my opinion, because the attention is drawn to the lower third of the image. This means that the image is easier to look at than the other two. In terms of composition, image A adheres to the rule of thirds which results in an image with more energy, balance and interest. Image C also meets the criteria for the rule of thirds but is less interesting.


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